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Liberty Acres is owned by Amber Wiseman and is located in Northwest Ohio.

Liberty Acres Focuses on Broken American Cavies

I bought my first pet guinea pig in 2010 and started showing cavies soon after. Through the next few years, I bred and showed Americans, Peruvians, and Silkies in several varieties. I finally settled on broken Americans. I work specifically on red/white, REO/white, dilute tricolor, and dilute agouti tricolor brokens.

Please take a look at my for sale page if you are looking for a guinea pig or feel free to contact me. If I do not have what you are looking for at the moment, I will help you find what you need.

Liberty Acres contains some other helpful information for breeders and pet owners. My current project is a website with detailed information on cavy genetics.

Liberty Acres bred Red/White American Cavy

Liberty Acres Participates in Education and Adoption

I enjoy promoting rabbits and cavies to youth and adults alike and take my rabbits and/or guinea pigs into the community. My animals and I visited various classrooms, from a college lecture on genetics to a pet day in preschool.  I love visiting the nursing home, disability organizations, and events.

To discuss me coming in and talking about rabbits or guinea pigs or just to have some time to pet furry friends, please feel free to contact me.

I also work closely with the local humane society with all small animals (rabbits, cavies, and more) to help them with surrendered animals as well as fostering and adoption events.

Liberty Acres Cavy Presentation to Kids

Pet Rabbits

For over 15 years, I raised rabbits. I raised many breeds, under the name Liberty Acres, including Satins, Silver Fox, and Tans, but Himalayans were my favorites. In 2015, I sold my last breeding rabbits to focus on cavies.

Though I no longer breed or show rabbits, I keep several pets. I plan to continue to provide more information on the site over time about the care and keeping of both pet and show rabbits.

Pet Black Rhinelander Rabbit at Liberty Acres

Liberty Acres exists to:

  • provide you information about cavies (guinea pigs) and rabbits
  • promote proper care of all rabbits and guinea pigs
  • to keep up to date records about the animals I raise