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Unofficial Color Names

There are many “fancy” names that breeders choose to use for various varieties of cavies, which aren’t uniform throughout the United States – and even less so throughout the world. Here is an attempt at defining some of these names, but it is always best to ask if unsure what someone is talking about.

It is strongly encouraged to use ARBA accepted terminology within the United States to avoid confusion!

Argente – This refers to any dilute agouti or solid that has pink eyes (pp gene), typically used in European countries or Australia
Boston Creme Solid/Agouti – chocolate with cream tip
Cinnamon Solid/Agouti – chocolate base, may refer to an animal with red tips, orange tips, or with white tips depending on the location and person
Chocolate Solid/Agouti – chocolate with red tips
Cream Solid/Agouti – chocolate with cream tips
Frosted Beige Solid/Agouti – beige with white tips
Frosted Lilac Solid/Agouti – lilac with white tips
Lemon Solid/Agouti – black with cream tips
Opal Solid/Agouti– lilac or beige with cream tips
Panda – see Silent Silver
Platinum Solid/Agouti – chocolate, lilac, or beige with white tips
Rainbow – broken color, typically it refers to a REO/Lilac/White, but may also refer to any sort of dilute tricolored broken
Salmon Solid/Agouti – lilac with orange tips
Silent Silver – dark eyed white with dark ears and footpads, the result of a silver agouti combined with non-extension (ee), these animals are typically not showable due to the dark ears/footpads and are not recommended for use in breeding, sometimes called a Panda
Sunkist Solid/Agouti – chocolate with red tips
Van – broken with minimal color, usually only on the face, taken from the van pattern of bicolor cat